Best Page Speed Test Tools For Your WordPress Site

Page speed is a big deal these days. A site with no proper speed never gains more visitors. Even google revealed the page speed is one of the major factors to rank higher in SERP’s. If your site loads quickly then the chance of a visitors to stick around your site is high.

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Have you ever taught about Google, Facebook, YouTube and other popular sites? Ever noticed why are they blazing fast? Yes Right! will you visit them if they are slow? Absolutely you can’t handle that. It’s your duty to provide the best for your visitors.

As we are in our research to make wordpress sites blazing fast and we always want to help you. So today we got you the best tools which can help you calculate your site’s speed. Some of these tools can even help you figure out your sites speed varying different countries.

“Top 5 Best Page Speed Test Tools For Your WordPress Site”

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Page sped insight is google’s official tool which helps users to understand the optimization reports. The specialty of this too is that on a single test it can run the speed test of both Mobile and Desktop versions. This made it easy to understand the optimization reports of both Mobile and Desktop versions on a single test.Best Page Speed Test Tools For Your WordPress Site

Back in 2010 when google officially announced that page speed is regarded as one of the important factors in ranking pages made to develop google their own speed testing tool. Page Speed Insights is highly famous to measure the performance of a page for mobile devices and desktop devices.

2. Google Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool

According to google, it’s now confirmed that visitors are five times more ready to leave a site if the site isn’t mobile friendly. So always make sure to use a mobile-friendly theme. Based on this reason, This tool is powered by Google’s Page Speed Insights to make developers understand the peak of their work.Best Page Speed Test Tools For Your WordPress Site

The best feature of this tool is that you can send the reports to your developer’s mail or get them to your inbox. However, 100/100 results cannot be gained in most case as it is completely dependent on different factors. So make sure to gain the best and reduce the load time to a couple seconds.

3. PingdomBest Page Speed Test Tools For Your WordPress Site

Pingdom is one of the leading page speed test tools which explores the optimization result in Waterfall View. Once can filter by load order, file size, and load times, giving you different perspectives for identifying potential improvements – it also lists total requests, load time, and page size. The tools have gained a huge popularity all around the world. From a beginner to an expert any one can easily use the tool without any muddle.

4. GTmetrix

Another fabulous page speed tester is “GTmetrix”. It gives you insight on how well your site loads and provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize it. Users can simply analyze the speed and make improvements.

Being the best alternative of “Pingdom”, GTmetrix shows live analyzed sites per day. It even provides the list of best sites. One can easily signup and save a site’s load time to calculate the past 20 tests. With the help of Waterfall Chart, you can easily have an analysis of your site.

5. Chrome DevTools Network Panel

Best Page Speed Test Tools For Your WordPress Site

Image Source: stackoverflow

This is one of the foremost popular tools which is built in the chrome browser. Most developers use it to test and debug the errors. One can easily launch the network panel in Chrome by pressing Command+Option+I (Mac) or Control+Shift+I (Windows, Linux). With the Waterfall Analysis, One can easily detect the issues and solve them.

6. DareBoost

Is is an all in one-speed test tool for those who need to serve the best. DareBoost offers different levels of speed analysis and even helps you to improve your site’s security. Offering an impressive report. The tool is a paid service which nevertheless offers 5-timeme analysis with cut-off of different features.

Best Page Speed Test Tools For Your WordPress Site

Image Source: trendingupdate

The DareBoost speed test report analyzes over 80 different data points, across the following categories:

  • Cache policy
  • Number of requests
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Compliance
  • Quality
  • jQuery
  • Browser Rendering
  • Data amount
  • SEO

DareBoost is the best tool ever for wordpress based developed site. One can secure and implement best security features with the help of this tool.

7. KeyCDN Best Page Speed Test Tools For Your WordPress Site

Offering a fastest page speed checking service, KeyCDN page speed tester is the best tool to improve wordpress sites performance. The tool offers 14 different locations to calculate page speed. This is completely Water Fall Based which reveals the best results.

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These were the “Best Page Speed Test Tools For Your WordPress Site”. Hope you found this guide useful. Do share this post with your near and dear so that they can know about the best tools available out there.

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