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Apr 08, 2017
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Want to get the Windows 10 Creators Update before its release. So below are the best methods to get it before it rolls out. You’ve known that the creator update includes some of the blazing features with more security features. So if you want to get your version of creator update before April 11, Follow the entire guide carefully and choose the best method for your need.

The creator’s update is fully loaded with many exciting features. Such as new Paint 3D app and support for mixed reality with Windows Holographic. Microsoft Edge will introduce support for e-books and a new tab management system.

For gamers, a new gaming mode has been introduced to boost the gaming experience on windows 10.  On the other hand, Windows Defender has been improved with a new dashboard to have control over malware and other security which even includes the performance of your pc.

Though the update (Version 1703) is a progressive plan to provide for everyone. This means that the update isn’t available for everyone on the same day. It might take some time.

As now the update process is totally depended on a number of variables like Type Of Device you’re using, The Location type, And it even depends on the way you got the current windows type. After all these verifications the Microsoft’s servers are ready to provide the update for your current version of windows.

Initially, the update is only available for few devices like Tablet’s, Desktop’s and for Laptops. So, Will be soon available for other devices as soon as possible. Even the above-mentioned tests are processed for other devices too!

Nowhere in this guide, you’ll be guided with many different methods in order to get the Windows 10 Creator’s Update.

#1 Using Windows Update Feature

With the help of Windows Update, It made the easiest path for most users to get the update. But this method will only work after April 11 but not now. So if you want to get the update via windows update, Follow the below steps.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Update & security.
  3. Click the Check for updates button.

Once you have completed the above steps, Now your device will get ready to work for the update. You can see that the required files get start downloaded. And this process is completely depended upon your internet speed.

Once everything is done, Just click on Restart Now and complete the installation process. Since You can notice that the update process is completely same how other updates are installed. Later, You have to customize the Privacy Options, Which gonna help you to have a control over sending data which Microsoft collects.

#2 Using Update Assistant

In order to get the creators update before its release, Microsoft has developed a tool which helps users to upgrade their OS.

  • Got the official Microsoft website and get the tool or just click here. Here you have to just choose update now, If you get with the link provided.
  • Once Downloaded, Open the app and click on “Update Now”.
  • Now the app downloads the required files and just follow the instructions to update.

#3 Using Media Creation Tool

I’we can even use the media creation tool to get a clean installation o the creator update. However, in order to test the reliability of the update servers, Microsoft usually only makes available new feature updates through Windows Update during the initial rollout. This means that it could take a few days before you can use other upgrade methods.

When the Windows 10 Creators Update is available through the Media Creation Tool, you can use the following steps to install the update: When available, You have to follow the below steps to get windows 10 creators update via “Media Creation Tool”.

  1. Download the Media Creation Tool from the Microsoft support website.
  2. Double-click the “MediaCreationTool.exe” file to start the process.
  3. Click Accept to agree to the terms.
  4. Select the Upgrade this PC now option.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Make sure the Keep personal files and apps option is selected. This should be the default option, but if it’s not, click the Change what to keep to modify the settings. Otherwise, your files, apps, and settings will be erased.
  7. Click Install to begin the update process.

When you click the Install button, the Windows 10 setup will take over and install the Creators Update on your PC, laptop, or tablet while keeping your apps, settings, and personal files.

The time to complete the installation shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes, but it’ll depend on your hardware configuration, internet speeds, and other factors.

Quick Tip: If you’re looking to upgrade your device using the Windows 10 Creators Update ISO files without using the Media Creation Tool, you can download the latest ISO files available through the Slow ring when the update rolls out.

So, This is all about the best methods to “Get Windows 10 Creator Update“, Hope you found the best tweak to upgrade.

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