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Top 5 Latest Gmail Extensions For The Chrome Browser

Gmail has its own unique interface. But up to now there are many individuals who still use the fastest old gmail. Many developpers are creating new apps to make the Gmail’s interface better that it was before. This made them to create Browser Extensions to simplify the UI.

Top 5 Latest Gmail Extensions For The Chrome Browser

#1 Rename Email

[appbox chromewebstore miepnlkmnjdfcnkplikgackpobfmaifb]

Have you ever received an email whose subject is very unclear, or gave you a different idea and you want to label it properly so that you can search for it more easily later on?

“Rename Email” help’s you stay organized by letting you rename email subject headlines.

– The sender won’t know that you’ve changed the email subject (unless you reply back with the new subject line).
– It can be used to break up a long conversation thread.
– It’s easy to remember what idea you thought of when you received an email by renaming it with that idea to refer back to later on. 🙂

#2 Handle

[appbox chromewebstore mkcnamloafopbialjjifhnjhddnnoiim]

Handle brings together your email, calendar, and to-dos so you know exactly what you need to accomplish today, tomorrow, and beyond.

“Well thought out cross between Mailbox and Wunderlist” – Andrew Showman

Handle for Gmail & Google Apps
– Turn emails into to-dos by clicking “t”
– Set locations, due dates, and more
– 2 powerful views: side-bar mode or go full screen
– Use words like ‘today’ to have reminders automatically setup

With a few simple habits, Handle can help you stay on top of your workday. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

The Handle Habit
1. Capture: Input to-dos in real-time
2. Organize: Schedule to-dos and add reminders
3. Focus: See to-dos on your calendar so you know what to do next

Go cross platform and download Handle for iPhone & iPad so you can organize your workday on the go.

#3 SnipHero

[appbox chromewebstore ionacijjlndncdccgdpnlbcjajicgklc]

Without leaving your Gmail compose window easily search and add your favourite websites content beautifully into your emails

Stop sending people boring web links – without leaving your Gmail compose window use SnipHero to search YouTube, Etsy, Twitter, ProductHunt, Amazon, Bing Images, New York Times, Giphy or MovieDb.org. Once you find what you want to share, quickly add it into your email with just one click!

SnipHero will add your selected content into your email including images, headings, descriptions etc to make your email shine.

Add the following content easily into your emails:

+ YouTube videoes
+ Amazon Shopping
+ Twitter tweets
+ Bing Images
+ New York Times articles
+ Giphy images
+ Etsy vintage and handmade goods
+ ProductHunt discover your next favorite thing
+ Movies and TV shows via moviedb.org
+ more content coming very soon

#4 Simple Gmail Notes

[appbox chromewebstore jfjkcbkgjohminidbpendlodpfacgmlm?hl=en]

Simply adds notes to your Gmail conversations. Available as Chrome or Firefox extension.

– 100% free and open source!

– All notes are stored in your own Google Drive account, no third party server is used.

– All communications are ONLY between your browser and your own Google Drive account.

– No tracking.

– Search notes (via Google Drive)

– Allow customization of font color, background color, abstract style and note position.

– Support vertical and horizontal split view

#5 Templates for Gmail

[appbox chromewebstore jmllflbhbembffempimjdbgnaodpoihh]

Save time! Write emails faster using Templates for Gmail. The easiest way to create and customize functional templates that live in your inbox. FREE!


> Build your own templates: Stop writing the same copy over and over. Save yourself time and money using Templates. In just a few clicks, you can customize an easy to integrate template.

> Write Faster: Create and use Templates for any use case. Follow up with your customers faster. Reach more new clients outbound. Or start networking like a champ. The possibilities are endless.

> Easy to manage: Swiftly manage your templates with options to edit and delete from your dashboard.

> Perfect for sales, marketing, networking, recruiting, customer service, and more!

> Runs on Chrome PUT browser requirements

Explore more at templatesforgmail.com

Hope this guide have helped you. Feel free to share and comment down your views in the comments section below.

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