Technology has really become something which is so influential in society these days. Everything that we do has been changed and shaped by technology and the way the world runs is so different than it was 50 years ago. We rely on it so much and it seems that what is happening is technology is creating needs for us that we did not even know that we needed.

Mobile phones are something which have really changed the world these days. It seems that in the past if you were going to meet a friend somewhere at a certain time you had to be there otherwise there would not be a way of letting them know otherwise. Now if this happened and you had arranged to meet someone somewhere and you could not make it, you could easily drop them a text and inform them of the new plan. It seemed that you were always going to be friends with the people that were in your area and mostly just down your street as otherwise you would not be able to speak to them much.

Mobile phones have become something that we all need and for many different reasons. Over the years they changed and developed so much. We used to use our phone just for ringing people when we were out of the house and it was an emergency. Also we could text our friends or family when we had got home safely meaning that they do not have to worry about where we are. Now since then smart phones have been the newest thing out there and near enough everyone not only has one but relationships on it so much.

Smart phones can do pretty much everything that you want them to do. Downloading applications has become so much easier allowing us to use our phone in many different ways. For example you can now download an application allowing you to have a sat navigation in your phone. If you are out in your car you can turn on the app and it would direct you where you need to go. Also, there are even applications for many other things such as a remote control for your television. You do not have to worry about not being able to find the remote and can connect up your phone and change and switch through the channels this way. Technology has revolutionized our society and the future looks very bright.

Source by Sienna M Lonsdale