You've landed on the Gadgets 360 tablet finder page. Here, you will be able to find the tablet most suited to your needs with the help of the many filters present. The filters will let you eliminate those devices that don't meet your preferences, and only show those that match your requirements. Gadgets 360 has one of the largest tablet databases in the world, with devices from all major manufacturers. So, if you are looking to buy a tablet, you should look no further than the Gadgets 360 tablet finder page, where you can filter results from a database with hundreds of the best tablets money can buy. You can find the tablet of your choice by using filters like tablets price, brand, RAM, screen size, inbuilt storage, battery capacity, operating system, and more.

Price: The most important filter, you can set your tablets price budget using our helpful price slider. Alternatively, you can type out the start and end price of your budget. For example, you can search for tablets under Rs. 5,000, tablets under Rs. 10,000, tablets under Rs. 20,000, and in other segments.

Brand: The most popular makers of tablets are listed here, and you can choose to see devices from your favourite brands. These include Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, and Asus.

Screen size: Another very important factor to consider when buying a tablet is of course, its screen size. Just how portable will the tablet be? Where do you plan to use it? Are you looking for tablets for kids? The answers to these questions are often denoted by the size of the tablet's screen. We have filters from 7 inches and smaller displays, all the way to 11 inches and larger displays.

RAM: The amount of memory a tablet has, or in other words, the RAM, really dictates how well the device will be multitask, stream HD and 4K video, and quickly process large tasks. Here, you can choose from less than 512MB of RAM, all the way up to 8GB of RAM and above.

Internal storage: Tablets are primary used for the consumption of entertainment content, be it a movie, music video, an ebook, or a graphic novel. For this reason, we've provided a helpful internal storage filter, letting you choose how much space you want on your tablet to store apps and content. You can choose from less than 1GB all the way till 256GB and above.

External storage: While internal storage is an important factor, so is external storage. Can the tablet you're looking for expand its storage using an SD or microSD card? You can decide that by checking the 'Expandable Storage' check box. You can also filter your results on whether the tablets support USB OTG, which lets users connect a pen drive directly to your tablet.

Voice calling: Tablets with voice calling functionality are quite common, and often, buyers are looking for such devices. With these filters, you can find calling tablets, and even find those that support calling on two SIM cards at a time, using the Dual Calling check box.

Battery capacity: How long will your tablet last when on the go? Well, the exact answer depends on your usage, but it's also dictated by the battery capacity of our device. Here, you can choose a specific battery capacity that seems ideal, from less than 3,000mAh to over 6,000mAh.

Rear camera resolution: As most tablets these days offer only a single rear camera, we've provided you a filter to choose the rear camera resolution to help you find a suitable candidate. The resolution can range from under 2-megapixel to over 12-megapixel.

Front camera resolution: As with the rear camera, most tablets only have one front-facing camera, thus we've provided a filter for you to choose a tablet with your desired camera resolution, from 2-megapixel to 12-megapixel.

Operating system: Here, you can choose what operating system you want your tablet to run - Android, Windows, or iOS (now called iPadOS). You can choose more than one option at a time. While most of the devices in our database are Android tablets, there many Windows and iOS tablets in the database as well.

Sensors: Into gaming on tablets? Then your tablet you buy should feature a gyroscope. Wondering if the tablet will auto adjust its display brightness based on the light conditions you're in? Then you'll need an ambient light sensor. Here's where you can check the sensors you think you'll need on your tablet.

Number of processor cores: This filter helps you decide how many CPU cores a tablet's processor should contain, from single core all the way up to deca core.

Processor speed: Here, you can choose the clock speed of the CPU powering the tablet, an indication of how powerful your tablet is. Here, we've provided filters from less than 1GHz up to over 2.5GHz.

More features: With these check boxes, you can further fine tune your requirements. You can choose whether you want tablets with USB Type-C ports, those that feature a rear camera flash, or those that support FM radio connectivity.

Number of SIM cards: You can choose how many SIM cards your tablet can support with this filter, whether it bears a single SIM card slot or dual SIM card slot.

SIM size: If your tablet supports 3G or 4G connectivity, odds are it features a SIM card slot or two. But what size is it? Use this helpful filter to let you decide what size SIM card you want support for.

Network type: While 5G tablets are still rare, there are numerous devices that offer 3G and 4G connectivity. Here, you can filter by network type to find what you're looking for.

Market status: Here, you can decide on whether you want to limit your search to those devices that are currently available in stores, those that are yet to be launched, and those that are currently listed as out of stock.

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Here are the List of Best Tablets in India (22nd August 2023)

Tablets Price in India
Xiaomi Pad 6 ₹ 26,999
Realme Pad X ₹ 19,999
Redmi Pad ₹ 15,999
Itel Pad One ₹ 12,998
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 ₹ 72,999
Xiaomi Pad 5 ₹ 25,998
Lenovo Tab M7 ₹ 9,000
Lenovo Tab M10 HD Gen 2 ₹ 6,908
Lenovo Tab M8 ₹ 6,887
Apple iPad mini (2021) Wi-Fi ₹ 47,900
Tablets price list last updated on 22nd August 2023
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